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Feel at Home When You're Away

Free WiFi

Fully furnished


Airoport Transfer

House Linen

We've traveled the world, far and wide: for work, on vacation, for love, on our own, with friends and with family.
We've stayed in many hotels: some terrible, some nice and some downright beautiful, but they were nevertheless hotels. Almost always, at least for a moment, we found ourselves homesick. Missing the possibility of cooking for ourselves, of inviting new friends to dinner and of lighting a candle, of listening to our favorite music or finding a book we've been wanting to read.
It's for all these reasons and more that ComeCasaTua offers warm, welcoming homes for travelers (whether for pleasure or for business), those who want to get to know the world by seeing it.
We offer very short-term, short-term and medium-term rentals: from a few days to a few months.
We'll do everything we possibly can to make you feel as if you're at home.

Appartaments in Verona


  • Restricted Area in historical city center

  • Historical City Center

  • Neighborhood Pindemonte

  • Neighborhood Valdonega

Appartament in the Swiss Alps


  •  Pontresina 5 lm from  St.Moritz

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